About Me

cropped-fasdfasdfs1I am an adult female diagnosed with Autism, ADHD (inattentive type), and Spatial Auditory Processing Disorder.

The purpose of my blog is to explore the past and present challenges that I encounter in life. It is a space where I will share my reflections and pinpoint my opportunities for growth. And a place to jot down my experiences as a social worker with autism. It is a space to write things that may be of use to others on the spectrum (or those not on the spectrum wishing to know more).

I suppose one of my short-term goals is to compile a list of resources for those with Asperger’s/Autism, with a particular focus on what helps improve social work (+ related areas) practice. I have not found many resources on what may help individuals with autism pursue ‘social-focused’ career paths, and all that it entails (e.g. office politics, social challenges, sensory challenges etc.). So, I find that it would be beneficial for me to jot down what has worked for me in this field and where improvements might be made.

A bit about me, I am a qualified social worker (in Australia). I would not consider myself a lone pioneer since I am aware that there are other social workers on the spectrum right across the globe. We’re all forging a path together. I admit, that sometimes, it is not a very easy path.

I have worked in youth homelessness (specialist homelessness services), but have recently migrated across to mental health. One of my goals is to become a qualified mental health social worker. In saying this, I do wish to work with other individuals diagnosed with autism in the future.

I can’t promise to update my blog all that regularly, as life and my brains functional capacity tends to get in the way. However, I’ll do my best!

Thanks for visiting!

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